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ROARING TWENTIES PARADISE est un concept de soirée basé sur l'Electro Swing, le son vintage mixé avec les musiques actuelles qui réunit toutes les générations en un bal populaire branché. Il rassemble les acteurs majeurs de cette scène avant-gardiste qui suscite un engouement grandissant à travers le monde, notamment à IBIZA depuis 2 ans (cf. BURLESQUE). Seul ou en complément d'autres spectacles (live, forum, festival, etc.) il s'adapte à toute configuration de lieu comme de budget en faisant varier nombre d'intervenants et les moyens techniques à déployer.

Le dress-code Années 20-30 et les ateliers de relooking favorisent la complicité du public en interaction avec les photographes et performers. À la différence d'une simple soirée, cette expérience inédite mêle les jeunes clubbers à une clientèle plus mature qui a tendance à danser plus et consommer mieux... Prohibition oblige !

Nous mettons à votre disposition les éléments de communication nécessaires (affiches, flyers, etc.) ainsi que les accessoires (boas, chapeaux, moustaches, porte-cigarettes, ...) et décors qui viennent parfaire l'ambiance de ce cabaret burlesque moderne.

Nos partenaires fournissent des prestations complémentaires de haute qualité, telles que bar, restauration, traiteur, logistique d'accueil, d'hébergement et de transport, location de costumes, animation poker et casino, décoration, etc.


ROARING TWENTIES PARADISE es una fiesta que fusiona un ambiente retro con música electrónica para recrear las alegres vibraciones de los años 20. Este concepto se basa en el Electro-Swing, un sonido vintage fusionado con la música contemporánea que reúne a todas las generaciones en una tendencia y en una misma pista de baile. Reuniendo a varios de los artistas de esta escena tan vanguardista que cada vez gana mas popularidad en todo el mundo, particularmente en IBIZA por los dos años pasados (cf. BURLESQUE).

Ofrecemos al público varias zonas dedicadas al cambio de imagen donde disponemos de maquilladoras, ropa de la época y complementos con los que acompañar su vestimenta, todo esto combina con las actuaciones de Dj’s, Músicos, Cantantes, Bailarinas de Burlesque y demás artistas que hacen de este Show una experiencia única e inolvidable… Bienvenidos a los años de Prohibición!

Esta fiesta puede adaptarse completamente a sus necesidades, variando el presupuesto podrá escoger lo que mejor se adapte a usted, y a las características del lugar, se pueden programar diferentes actuaciones variando el numero de artistas y recursos técnicos necesarios. Ponemos a su disposición publicidad (Carteles, Flyers..), accesorios (Boas, Sombreros, Bigotes Boquillas para cigarros…) o las decoraciones que completan el ambiente de este cabaret neo-burlesque.

Nuestros socios ofrecen servicios complementarios de alta calidad, tales como bar, restauración, catering, logística de recepción, de alojamiento y transporte, alquiler de disfraces, animación poker y casino, decoración, etc.


ROARING TWENTIES PARADISE is a party concept based on Electro Swing, vintage sound mixed with contemporary music that gathers all generations on a fashion and popular dance floor. It brings together the major actors of this avant-garde scene whose popularity is constantly increasing worldwide, particularly in IBIZA for the last two years (cf. BURLESQUE). Tested in all major European cities, it will fit perfectly with the configuration of your venue and your budget varying the number of artits and the technical resources deployed. It can be programmed alone or in addition to other performances (live, forum, festival, etc.).

The dress code Golden 20'S and the makeover stalls bring the complicity of public already enjoyed by DJ's, musiciens, singers, photographers, dancers and performers. Unlike a simple party, this unique experience combines young clubbers to a more mature clientele tends to consume more and dance better... Welcome in Prohibition years!

We provide you the elements necessary for effective communication (posters, flyers, etc. . ), accessories (boas, hats, mustaches, cigarette holders, flappers headbands, ...) and decors that complete the atmosphere of this neo-burlesque cabaret.

Our partners provide additional high quality services, such as bar, restaurant, catering, logistics, reception, accommodation and transport, costume rental, poker and casino entertainment, decoration, etc.

Paradise Organisation - Arnaud Millet - Roaring Twenties Paradise - Vintage - Electro-Swing  Paradise Organisation - Arnaud Millet - Roaring Twenties Paradise - Vintage - Electro-Swing

Artists & Partners

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRoaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRoaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRoaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRoaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRoaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise Organisation

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Arnaud Millet - Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationArnaud Millet Spicy Electronic Basses mixed with Jazz cream, a hint of malicious Techno and a spalsh of generous House to consume irresponsibly and shake itself on the dancefloor during ingestion. That is the exlusive Electro-Tech-House-Swing cocktail served ad libitum by Arnaud Millet. He is the Roaring Twenties Paradise productor, master of cremony and first resident DJ. In this same atmosphere, he recently created a minimalist party in its implementation and dedicated to summer 2014 in Ibiza : Electro Swing Madness.

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationSophie Belluka Sparks has worked her way and earned respect from fellow DJ’s and musicians on the international music scene for the last three years. Born and raised in south of France, Sophie started her creative spell at the age of 10. Sophie quickly made her move to London after having graduated in France as she knew this would be The spot for her to be flourishing as a music maker. Poetry and melodies had merged, and she developed outstanding song writing and composing skills. Sophie started collaborating with talented and high profile artists in both acoustic, rock and house music. After various songs highlighted by specialized press like Music Tech Magazine, she caught the attention of Chicago legend Robert Owens who will recorded her. It was also the start of her radio show on Push FM every Wednesday 2-4pm for the Sophie Belluka Sparks show, Sophie has produced some exclusive interviews among which: Little Louie Vega, Danny Rampling, Mark Knight, Robert Owens, Franckie Knuckles, Mark Moore (S Express), Jon Pearn (bodyrox), Rob Mello, Sebastien Ingrosso, Sergio Flores, Danny Marquez, to name but a few... After numerous collaborations with DJ Producer Legend Nicky Holloway, with whom sophie is currently recording an album of the remixes of her acoustic songs, she starts her solo Dj career in 2008. Mixing twice a week on Push fm Radio for the last three years, Sophie developed her style and her own listeners with whom she meets with great pleasure when she performs in clubs. With her very distinctive sounds and vibes, Sophie plays happy beats, she has been a Resident at the Burlington club, played at Crystal, EGG, Base bar IBIZA, GRIAL, WHITE HOUSE, PACHA IBIZA , GLOBAL RADIO, N5, DIVO, DEX, ...

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationVassili Gemini DJ, producer and remixer, the best French hope at electro-swing awards 2012 is a big fan of the burlesque and retro world. Inspired by Kiwistar, Bart & Baker, Shemian and many others, he takes a malicious delight, in his DJ sets and in his tracks, to mix the rhythms of House and the warm of brass instruments… It’s after having played at the Moulin Rouge, on Contact or in Berlin that the Electroswing Revolution Radio’s resident and official remixer of Swing Republic, Bart & Baker, Cab Canavaral, Skeewiff or Lamuzgueul, will make you travelling with the best of electro-swing!

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationThe Swing Bot Dj and producer since 2003, The Swing Bot began the musical composition by a variety of genres from electro to hiphop and house. In 2012 he takes a new turn ,changing musical type and focus to the electro-swing.

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationDimaa is a young French composer and producer of electronic and electro-acoustic music. He began his musical career at the age of 12 years, passionate rhythms and percussion, the desire to create the very early to discover the sequencer and music programing. It's in 2010 that the first projects will make their appearance on the web, the electro tracks, hip hop and reggae. In 2011 he became fascinated and began the joyous power of electro swing, giving birth to a first album "first jet" made merry melodies and hanging. Good home for it will give life to numerous collaborations with artists from the 4 corners of the world (djs, bands, producers, painters, magicians ...). 2012 is a year for the scenic artist, he is grafted at Lamuzgueule, french group for one year, as composer and DJ, and also has his solo project in different rooms of France, Swiss and England. Today the young composer dedicated to his solo project, organized around different music styles (Electro Swing, Glitch Hop, GhettoFunk, Hip Hop) and collaborates with many artists of the world electro stage. A second album due out in 2014 on his own label, Dimaa recordz. He is also preparing a new dynamic dj set oriented "UK bass", ranging from swing to Glitch hop.

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationThe Ginger Stompers A Jazz Swing Band formed around a common passion for the music of the 30'S-40'S. They bring you back in Harlem clubs after the prohibition, through standards songs from Fats Waller, Slim Gaillard or Nat King Cole Trio or in Parisian cabarets with all the best of Django Reinhardt.

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationRomain Fitoussi (Live-Act Sax/Guitar) Romain has rich musical skills, since 2001 he produced and worked for artists in every directions, even as a leading man. He is comfortable in creative and experimental projects, as well as in more academic contexts such as Opera, private events, etc. Since 2006, he perfoms as a guitarist and saxophonist with deejays in clubs or festivals in France and worldwide. In 2014 he becamed a monthly resident artist at Magnum Club Luxembourg (Rock'n'Roller party). Emphasizing quality, he just realesed an Ep collection named You-and-The-PoP whish connects all aspects of his musical experiences. Jazz and impro : Lea Castro, Gael Petrina, The Kandinsky Effect, Tam De Villiers and his own trio projects Romolive then You-and-The-Pop. Rock and Pop : From major labels like Sony Music, Warner and Universal : Soan, Melissa Mars Mozart l'Opera Rock, Tal. Julio Masidi, Glory... From indie scene : Barbara Eugenia, GAF, Mell, Kassandre. Electronic and Dance music : Many tour dates as guitar and sax performer with Jeremy De Koste, Teo Moss, Michael Creange, Fred Buckanon, Julien Jeanne, Dorion Fiszel, La Comtesse, Paris House Addict, Red Bill, Arnaud Millet to name but a few... Classical, opera and contempory music : Delta Ensemble, Carmen, Mathieu Sempéré. Events : Lanbert Wilson, Ariel Wizman, Georges Eddy, Groupe F. World : Nicola Son, Xavier Harry, Guem, Arat Kilo.

Roaring Twenties Paradise - Artist and Partners - Paradise OrganisationDemoiselles Mi-Sticks Cabaret Band
Paradise Organisation - Arnaud Millet - Roaring TwentiesParadise Organisation - Arnaud Millet - Roaring Twenties

Paradise Organisation - Arnaud Millet - Roaring Twenties - Vintage - Electro-Swing